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Handmade Bridal Accessories - alternative, contemporary bridal luxury for style conscious brides. Immaculately crafted headpieces, veils and silk flowers for brides who know their own mind. 

about the designer



Blackbird's Pearl stands for free spirited, natural, beautiful simplicity.

The name draws on these lovely birds as they always bring back special memories for me and my mum.  We used to listen to them sing when strolling through her garden in the evening each summer, seeing what was blooming and growing.

And because I found this:

But who’s to say that, when she flies away
to all the secret places I will never see,
that she will not wear a tiny crown on her shining black mantle,
and pearls will not glisten in her nest…?


As a small girl I loved making pretty, delicate things that required hours of patience, and my favourite things to use where things I found outside.

Much later, I trained as a costume designer and dressmaker and when I got married my mum found it very difficult to find accessories. After a long search I ended up making her a headpiece three days before the wedding.

From this my first collection grew, and now I spend time individually colouring silk petals and sewing small satin leaves to adorn my designs. And through my brides I get to design and make intricate & pretty things again and again, and it’s a privilege to play a small part in their special day.