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DIY Project: Festive/Winter Wedding Garland

Johanna Talleraas

This a little something I made last weekend for our flat, using a technique similar to how I make some of my bridal headpieces. I just love this simple folded leaf shape, any excuse to use it ;) This is hopefully the first in a number of interesting little projects to come to this blog, so watch this space!

You can of course use different colours (silver would look nice as well!), make a smaller or a bigger one. It’s a very forgiving and customisable project. This is how I did it :
You will need:
stack of tissue paper (mine is recycled, but you could use plain white or any colour you fancy)
Leaves from outside
Gold acrylic paint (or spray paint if you prefer)
String of your choice
Scissors, paintbrush, pen

1. First paint ( or spray )your leaves and let them dry. If you like, flatten them under a book over night before you paint them, but I quite like it when they curl up as they dry.

2. Fold a sheet of normal printer paper in half and draw a mustachy shape, such as you can see in the picture, onto one side of the fold (doesn’t have to be accurate or symmetric). Cut out.

3. Take three sheets of tissue paper (this gives the garland volume), lay them on top of each other and start folding them up. The fold needs to be about the width of your template that you just made. Fold over until the whole sheet is folded up.


4. Open up the folded tissue paper sheets and cut along every second fold to create strips of tissue paper that are folded once in the centre. Using your template, draw the shape onto the a folded piece of tissue paper and cut out, creating lots of folded leaf shapes. You can also do this free hand without a template if you’re feeling brave.


5. You now have lots of tissue paper leaves with a crease down the middle and your gold leaves and you can start putting the garland together.

6. Cut your string to 50 cm longer than you want your garland to be. Take a paper leaf, open it up and crunch it together in the middle a little bit. Make a knot around it with the string and before you tighten it insert the stem of a gold leaf into the loop of string.


7. Continue knotting the paper leaves to the string (making a knot with the long end of the string), adding a gold leaf every now and then and however many you like.

8. Continue until your garland is the desired length and finish with one last gold leaf. Knot each leaf at a slightly different angle. Since each paper leaf has three layers you can open them up a little to add more fluff and volume. Hang over the living room door frame, wind along the stairs or make a short one like the one in the round picture and hang from the ceiling as a little accent piece.

If I have left anything unclear please leave a comment and I’ll try to help.


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