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Romance all year round: Printable Date Planner

Johanna Talleraas

Today I’m taking a break from making pretty adornments for brides, to share some pretty printables in the spirit of Valentines.

While we’re all feeling romantic today, at this time of year we also always talk about how it’s important to carve out some time for each other regularly & to do something special all year round.

So if you fancy, here are my ‘1 Date a Month’ date planners. For each month you can plan one day where you do something really special together, a proper date. Build a blanket fort in the living room and read to each other, put together a really nice picnic and drive to the country for the day… you get the idea.

You can print them off in three different colour combinations, together with a blank ideas list if that works better for you. I have cut along the lines so that each month you can ‘grab a date’ :) So go ahead, download the PDF, print your planner in you favourite colour, share a glass of wine with your love and plan some really lovely things to do.

Happy Valentines ;)

Johanna x

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