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Handmade Bridal Accessories - alternative, contemporary bridal luxury for style conscious brides. Immaculately crafted headpieces, veils and silk flowers for brides who know their own mind. 


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Woodland Wedding - Bespoke Wildflower Bridal Crown for Kay

Johanna Talleraas


When Kay emailed about a realistic, delicate silk flower crown in moody colours featuring bluebells to say I was excited doesn't quite cover it! We exchanged ideas, I made some sketches, and this is the result. I'm so please with how it turned out. If you'd like to see the different steps involved in creating this bespoke and unusual wedding crown see below!


After some emails back and forth the final design was to include small aubergine bluebells, rows of flower buds that would look like apple blossoms before opening, and dark green foliage.


After some trial and error, I found the right shade of dye for the flowers and started making all the different components. This included custom made, hand made stamens!

The finished flowers with handmade stamens

The finished flowers with handmade stamens

The final piece is a super delicate wildflower crown for a fairly like bride! 


If you've been looking for a headpiece or hair accessories for your wedding and nothing is really 100% right maybe a bespoke piece is the right thing for you? If you have ideas for your own bespoke bridal headpiece, to match your theme, bouquet etc - don't hesitate to get in touch. Even if you don't know exactly what it is you want, what style would go with your dress, your hairstyle or your venue, I am here to help. Consultations are always free until you decide you'd like to go ahead!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Johanna x

Inspiration: Wedding Hair Ideas & Accessories for Brides rocking a Bob or Lob

Johanna Talleraas

Morning lovelies,

The Bob and Lob have made a comeback recently, and every now and then some of you stylish and fashionable brides get in touch to ask what the options are to style or accessories shorter bridal hair - so I've put together a little and by no means extensive collection of my favourite ideas for shorter wedding hair for you!

Let's start with the obvious - just wear it the way you always do! If you have shorter hair, don't feel the need to dress it up and change it, only because you are getting married. If you have a contemporary dress with a lot of detail or a statement element such as the beauty above, you might want to go modern and just let the dress and a large bouquet do the talking!

Next up, gorgeous braids and twists. They are not only for long hair, in fact I think they are extra gorgeous for brides with shorter hair. Here you could accessorise with a simple hair flower or sparkly hair comb or even a simple veil.

image via Instagram @alexandre_champagne 

image via Instagram @alexandre_champagne 

image via Instagram @morganashleysalon

image via Instagram @morganashleysalon

Another lovely option is swept to the side, as seen in the image below. I really love this, it's sophisticated and elegant and again it would be lovely with a small accessory as well.

Personal favourite, and how could it not be: I love a bob with a flower crown for a bride! It's so cute and boho and contemporary all at the same time, I think you can't go wrong! With a simple dress it will give your bridal look a modern, while informal and relaxed feel. With a classic lace dress and flowers in muted, dusty colours it will ooze elegance and loveliness.

And how pretty is this option? An asymmetric flower headpiece will look especially stunning with shorter hair. If that's too much going on above your face for you, consider wearing a large flower comb at the back, or a flower crown which is slimmer towards the face and has larger flowers at the back. This will also create a lovely effect when walking down the aisle, and look super summery with a low back.

Of course another really lovely, classic option for a traditional or minimalist bride is a simple headband, perfectly suitable with pretty much any style of dress or wedding and easy to wear.

I hope you feel a little inspired by this - if you have any questions regarding accessorising shorter bridal hair please let me know. If you have fallen in love with any of our designs but are unsure how it will hold/ be secured in your hair for your wedding don't hesitate to get in touch, I'm always more than happy to help! Johanna x

In the studio: Designing the new collection

Johanna Talleraas

I thought it would be nice to show the thought process and work that goes into designing our nature inspired bridal headpieces. The 2016 collection is due to be shot in August so we're in full swing!

First sketches in early March

First sketches in early March

It starts with a general idea of a theme, inspiration or just a feel


One of my favourite things to do when starting this process is to just go foraging. This time of year provides us with an abundance of wonderfully inspiring flowers, bushes and trees. As my inspirations will be coming from all things found in May and June I'm a little late but I'm finding enough. I love just spreading my finds on the table and start playing. Sketching, making small beginnings on pieces to see how they could work.


Slowly things change and take shape, and new designs are born. They are then tested with different hairstyles, proportions have to be adjusted and different materials tried. 

First pieces coming together

First pieces coming together


Inspiration this year comes from seas of white flowers found in early summer, all things foliage, and a fashion forward aesthetic. I think when it comes to wedding accessories it's key that they are easy to wear and style, too - so we're really putting an emphasis on that with the new collection!

From here there will be weeks of perfecting, changing, and going back to those initial inspirational sketches and trial pieces - I hope you have enjoyed getting a little look behind the work that goes into every design!


Johanna x

This week in the studio

Johanna Talleraas

It's all about the new collection in the studio this week! The room is filled with wild roses and other finds from lunchtime trips outside, providing inspiration and much needed calm.

Joys of June: Wild roses and ripening cherries! I'm taking inspiration form those delicate pale pink petals and gorgeous foliage

Handmade Silk Flowers waiting to be turned into samples for the new collection in blush, peach and white.

We're also taking inspiration from some of the pieces in our current collection! Our ever popular pink hairflower set will receive a little update so keep your eyes peeled!

Sneak peek at one of the new pieces - delicate hydrangea silk flower halo for a summer bride

We also received this gorgeous picture of bride Sarah with her Fingertip veil and Daughers of Simone Dress - isn't it lovely?

We have also been busy updating our website, bringing you a cleaner design with more information and gorgeous imagery. We're rather proud of it :)

Last but not least I am so excited to have stumbled across German label Thone Negron. Their bridal collection is just stunning, fashion forward brides go have a look!

Isn't that lace just stunning!

Wishing everyone a gorgeous weekend,

Johanna x

A Bespoke Set of Bridal Accessories

Johanna Talleraas

Holly wanted something floral and realistic for her August garden wedding, but was worried real flowers might wilt and look too tired halfway through the day. After a consultation in the studio she settled on a floral comb featuring handmade silk peonies in a colour made just for her, with a fingertip veil and a sash with a flower to match.

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Silk Hair-Flower Tutorial

Johanna Talleraas

Make Your Own Ombre Short-cut Silk Dalias.

Making the silk flowers I use for my bridal headpieces is a long process of many different steps. Stiffening silk, making a pattern for the different sized petals, cutting out many, many petals, dying and painting them individually with a special dye or watercolour mix before bringing it all together.
But if you’re after something pretty and effective you can do in relatively little time and without having to learn any skills, why not try these? Use them to decorate your ceremony or reception space, wear them in your hair, give them to your bridesmaids - or make lots of small ones and make yourself a flower crown!
You can of course use any colours you like, you could use a pre-dyed fabric, you can change the shape and size, but here’s the basic principle.
You will need:
Fabric (for mine I used a strip 14cm wide and 50cm)
I used dupion silk, but you could also use cotton or any other natural fibre that will take the paint)
needle and thread
acrylic paint mixed to the desired shade and dilluted with water
If you are using a very soft fabric such as habotai silk or would like a fairly stiff flower such as the ones I made, spray the fabric with fabric stiffener before painting it (such as ‘stiffen stuff’)
Cut your fabric into strips of 14cm x 50cm (if you want smaller ones make the strip less wide, if you want larger ones make it wider and longer, play around)
Mix your paint ( you can use watercolours if you have them, they give a lovely effect), dilute with water and try on some scraps of your fabric until you have found the right shade.

Dampen your fabric (If you have stiffened it wait for the stiffener to dry first) and for an ombre effect either apply paint along the middle (then the flower is darkest in the middle) or from the long ends of the fabric (then the flower is darkest at the tips of the petals). Hang to dry.

flower tutorial_2.jpg

When your fabric is dry, fold it in half along the long side and iron it flat.

Make a paper template according to the width of the folded strip - you could make rounder petals, thinner ones, it’s fun to try out different options. Fold the fabric like a concertina and place your template on top. Cut out. (if the fabric is slipping, you can staple it together outside of the template on what will just be scraps later)

Thread your needle and start stitching along the bottom edge with large stitches. When you get to the end start gathering your flower. Secure it at the bottom by curling the gathered edge together and sewing everything in place. Doesn’t have to be pretty. When you’re done separate the petals and open the flower and tweak it until you’re happy.

Depending on what you want to use them for, you can string them together to make a garland, attach a comb or hair clip, stitch them to a ribbon to make a headband….

flower tutorial_8.jpg


Johanna Talleraas

July was my month for reflection, inspiration and family time.


The first weeks were spent working though, experimenting with new creations, starting to plan a new collection, as well as working on orders of course. 

But for the rest of the month we had decided to take a very much needed break! 

First with my family in Hamburg, where we spent long sunny days in my mother’s wonderful garden - and then to one of our favourite cities, Copenhagen! We had a wonderful time - my favourite part by far was visiting the flower boutique of Tage Anderson. It is the most inspiring place for someone who loves all things botanical and beautiful. Much more than a flower shop, it has a gallery upstairs filled with exquisite, delicate installations involving fresh flowers, plants, water features, artistic objects, music and even exotic birds. I could have stayed forever. It is the most magical, theatrical, inspiring experience I had in a very long time. I am almost lost for words to describe it, if you’re interested have a look at his website


Johanna Talleraas


June is my favourite month. Not only because it is the month I got married, but also because it is the richest, most colourful, most indulgent and seductive month in nature. All my favourite flowers are in season, everything looks fresh and delicate and is in it’s full glory before the summer heat has truly started.

So over here Mr T. and I had our two year anniversary to celebrate, and it was a busy month in the studio.

Especially as I have added a new service - if you’re London based you can now come and visit the studio, try on samples or have a chat in person about having a bespoke piece created! I am very excited about this, and had a wonderful time with the first brides who came to visit this month. There will be more details on this to follow and we will have a section with information on the website soon.

June has also resulted in a new, june inspired headpiece: the Melusina Flower Crown. It was originally custom made for a styled shoot with Always Andri, but I loved it so much I have added it to the shop and it has proved rather popular! I just love the large peach peony with gold dusting on the petals in combination with the rich midnight blue blossoms. To finsih off there is a  Dahlia with grey-blue ombre petals, and for added lustre there is a freshwater pearl in the centre of every blue flower.


Johanna Talleraas

May - what a gorgeous month, all the leaves are finally out, the outside is a festival of fresh green and white, the first really warm days - and it goes by so quickly. These are months filled with inspiration for me - although this year May was filled with a lot of wonderful things besides work as well, so when June comes I will be rested and ready for wedding season.

The month started off with a gorgeous styled shoot - so far I can only share a little sneak peek but it will be gorgeous - See top right picture!

There was a lot of travelling and family visits this may, which was wonderful! We went to Hamburg to see my family and be with one of my oldest and dearest friends for her wedding (keep your eyes peeled for pictures). My mother’s garden is so pretty this time of year, so she cut me an armful of flowers that travelled with me in my handluggage and brightened up my London life for nearly a week.

We also went to Norway to celebrate my sister in law’s 30th birthday as well as Norway day of course - my first time!

May also saw some lovely bespoke orders for summer brides, so there were some quiet days of making pretty things as well as gathering supplies ready for new adventures!

Easter Week

Johanna Talleraas

Ah, sunshine....
Last week was the start of my park lunches. When you work from home and by yourself, as much as I'm a lover of quietness, sometimes it's important to leave the house, smell the air and see the sunshine. And now that it's warm enough I take my lunch to Dulwich park whenever I can. This is one of my favourite spots for my lunchtime nature fix. The Queen Anne's lace is rather early this year, but I adore the smell and it's quite hard to leave and go back inside.

The Idelina Veil was added to the shop last week as well. A simple blusher veil with silk petals scattered across, held in place with small freshwater pearls. It's very simple but unique and adds some subtle detail. You'll find it Here.

Orders were finsihed and more flowers admired during lunches, and my Friday Dress Crush was this very delicate, dramatic yet simple gown by Chaviano Couture.
It's called Carlee and I'm in love.

A Geek Chic Styled Shoot

anders talleraas

Today the Minna birdcage veil is featured in a very cute styled shoot on the lovely Bespoke Bride blog.
Karen Whybro of the Vintage & Alternative wedding fair, together with some wonderful suppliers, created a 'fun, funky yet beautifully stylish shoot'.
The inspiration cam from the uniquely quirky and beautiful venue: the Cambridge Union Society. A truly remarkable building, with lots of nooks and crannies, the most amazing debating hall and beautiful library. I just love the cute romance of the images,
beautifully captured by photographer Alexa Loy.
Visit Bespoke Bride to read the post, see more gorgeous pictures and details from the shoot & the other fabulous suppliers involved.

Romance all year round: Printable Date Planner

Johanna Talleraas

Today I’m taking a break from making pretty adornments for brides, to share some pretty printables in the spirit of Valentines.

While we’re all feeling romantic today, at this time of year we also always talk about how it’s important to carve out some time for each other regularly & to do something special all year round.

So if you fancy, here are my ‘1 Date a Month’ date planners. For each month you can plan one day where you do something really special together, a proper date. Build a blanket fort in the living room and read to each other, put together a really nice picnic and drive to the country for the day… you get the idea.

You can print them off in three different colour combinations, together with a blank ideas list if that works better for you. I have cut along the lines so that each month you can ‘grab a date’ :) So go ahead, download the PDF, print your planner in you favourite colour, share a glass of wine with your love and plan some really lovely things to do.

Happy Valentines ;)

Johanna x

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New Collection Shoot - Behind the Scenes

Johanna Talleraas

In early October we finally shot the new bridal collection.

I was fortunate enough to have the gorgeous Marta model the new pieces, and very lucky to have the lovely Anneke do the hair and make-up. In addition, we were able to use two Maids to Measure dresses to complete the look.

And because we had so much fun and I am so grateful to everyone involved, I wanted to share some of my favourite behind the scenes images from the day.

Marta has the most amazing head of curly hair and Anneke did a wonderful job at embracing it and using it as a feature. She created two distinctive looks with it and I love how the hairstyles and the headpieces worked so well together.

Our stunning model Marta is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met and all of us had so much fun throughout the day. It was a long day and we ended up listening to the playlist I made for our guests to dance to at our wedding last year. Just like us it’s all over the place, a little old fashioned and a little funny - so there was silly dancing and singing and whistling along :)

I’m a very lucky girl because I happen to be married to an amazing photographer. Not only did he capture everything beautifully and just how I imagined, but he very patiently responded to all my never ending ‘oh, can we just try that’ moments - and he rushed home to pick up a veil I maaaay have forgotten to pack. Without even pulling a face.


I’m so grateful to everyone involved and for the fun day we had.
I hope you’ll like the new collection.


Hair & Makeup: Anneke Irving Retromorphosist

Dresses: Maids to Measure

Model: Marta Razza

Photography: Anders Talleraas

To shop the new bridal collection click here


DIY Project: Festive/Winter Wedding Garland

Johanna Talleraas

This a little something I made last weekend for our flat, using a technique similar to how I make some of my bridal headpieces. I just love this simple folded leaf shape, any excuse to use it ;) This is hopefully the first in a number of interesting little projects to come to this blog, so watch this space!

You can of course use different colours (silver would look nice as well!), make a smaller or a bigger one. It’s a very forgiving and customisable project. This is how I did it :
You will need:
stack of tissue paper (mine is recycled, but you could use plain white or any colour you fancy)
Leaves from outside
Gold acrylic paint (or spray paint if you prefer)
String of your choice
Scissors, paintbrush, pen

1. First paint ( or spray )your leaves and let them dry. If you like, flatten them under a book over night before you paint them, but I quite like it when they curl up as they dry.

2. Fold a sheet of normal printer paper in half and draw a mustachy shape, such as you can see in the picture, onto one side of the fold (doesn’t have to be accurate or symmetric). Cut out.

3. Take three sheets of tissue paper (this gives the garland volume), lay them on top of each other and start folding them up. The fold needs to be about the width of your template that you just made. Fold over until the whole sheet is folded up.


4. Open up the folded tissue paper sheets and cut along every second fold to create strips of tissue paper that are folded once in the centre. Using your template, draw the shape onto the a folded piece of tissue paper and cut out, creating lots of folded leaf shapes. You can also do this free hand without a template if you’re feeling brave.


5. You now have lots of tissue paper leaves with a crease down the middle and your gold leaves and you can start putting the garland together.

6. Cut your string to 50 cm longer than you want your garland to be. Take a paper leaf, open it up and crunch it together in the middle a little bit. Make a knot around it with the string and before you tighten it insert the stem of a gold leaf into the loop of string.


7. Continue knotting the paper leaves to the string (making a knot with the long end of the string), adding a gold leaf every now and then and however many you like.

8. Continue until your garland is the desired length and finish with one last gold leaf. Knot each leaf at a slightly different angle. Since each paper leaf has three layers you can open them up a little to add more fluff and volume. Hang over the living room door frame, wind along the stairs or make a short one like the one in the round picture and hang from the ceiling as a little accent piece.

If I have left anything unclear please leave a comment and I’ll try to help.


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