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Handmade Bridal Accessories - alternative, contemporary bridal luxury for style conscious brides. Immaculately crafted headpieces, veils and silk flowers for brides who know their own mind. 

In the studio: Designing the new collection


Inspiration, DIY bridal tutorials, how to style your bridal headpiece, work in progress in the studio

In the studio: Designing the new collection

Johanna Talleraas

I thought it would be nice to show the thought process and work that goes into designing our nature inspired bridal headpieces. The 2016 collection is due to be shot in August so we're in full swing!

 First sketches in early March

First sketches in early March

It starts with a general idea of a theme, inspiration or just a feel


One of my favourite things to do when starting this process is to just go foraging. This time of year provides us with an abundance of wonderfully inspiring flowers, bushes and trees. As my inspirations will be coming from all things found in May and June I'm a little late but I'm finding enough. I love just spreading my finds on the table and start playing. Sketching, making small beginnings on pieces to see how they could work.


Slowly things change and take shape, and new designs are born. They are then tested with different hairstyles, proportions have to be adjusted and different materials tried. 

 First pieces coming together

First pieces coming together


Inspiration this year comes from seas of white flowers found in early summer, all things foliage, and a fashion forward aesthetic. I think when it comes to wedding accessories it's key that they are easy to wear and style, too - so we're really putting an emphasis on that with the new collection!

From here there will be weeks of perfecting, changing, and going back to those initial inspirational sketches and trial pieces - I hope you have enjoyed getting a little look behind the work that goes into every design!


Johanna x